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Adhe Eka Sari, S.Sos., M.Si.


Ms.Adhe serves as Managing  Partners at Bali Tax World. Ms. Adhe  leads the efforts to deliver transparent, consistent and integrated messages to all of Bali Tax World’s  stakeholders. In her role, Ms. Adhe is responsible for overseeing all areas of communication, including investor relations, corporate communications and internal communications and serves as a communications liaison between Bali Tax World’s business segments, geographies and corporate functions.

Ms. Adhe  has managed strategic financial communications programs for clients in the professional services, industrial, chemical, financial services, telecom, retail, media, publishing and entertainment sectors. In addition, Ms. Sari has advised on high-profile of companies. Ms. Adhe’s  broad communications expertise includes proxy communications, shareholder activism, succession planning, international language communication and crisis communications.

Prior to establishing Bali Tax World with two other Partners  in early 2018, Ms.Adhe was a Finance and HR Consultant at some company for both  national and international companies in some areas of Indonesia. She is able to deliver your needs in high scope of quality of communication as well her expertise in financing and tax.

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