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I Wayan Gede Sukedana, S.E., BKP.


Starting his career in one of the biggest regular liner service company in Bali, his expertise in finance and tax, including tax planning, tax accounting has been  NO doubt. Mr. Gede could lead his finance team into the best performance of the company each year. His well-experienced will assist the clients into the correct, legal and best performance. Mr. Gede believes that the main power of the company is well-managed of the financial. The finance could support the whole performance of the company and it could lead into the balance. He has proven years in his expertise at his company.  Come along the idea of having his own firm after passing the certification exam, Mr. Gede met Mr. Alit and Ms. Adhe. Their same interest of assisting people in general and entrepreneur specifically in Bali, came to realize to start Bali Tax World as a legal firm. Mr. Gede believes that working with the team in same direction will lead the successful of the mission from Bali Tax World.

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