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I Wayan Alit Artha ,S.E.


Graduated from Faculty of Economy in one of the best university in Denpasar, Mr. Alit is  Bali Tax World Partner expertise in Tax Accounting and Human Resources Advisor. He speaks Japanese fluently as one of his best deal with the clients from  work. Mr. Alit has been an entrepreneur since 10 years ago, establishing his own business. Mr. Alit has a strong personality in order to put the high scope of work just in the right place. He has proven his expertise by some works done along with the business as well his prior in his Banjar. He leads his “Banjar”to the best financial performance following the regulation in Bali with high revenue. His successful can be seen nowadays around. By his family supporting especially his wife, Mr. Alit decided to establish the Bali Tax World along with Mr. Gede and Ms. Adhe. To do some professional collaboration with his partners, Bali  Tax World has started to improve since 2018.

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